Hey there fashion lovers!
I hope you’ve been enjoying the blog posts and videos so far this week! Today I’m talking and writing all about my hair! I would say my hair is probably the most distinctive thing about me and although I sometimes hate the frizzy mess which I wake up with, most the time I can say I truly do embrace my natural hair type (as everyone should at some point).

People always ask me funny questions about my hair such as what products I put in it and “is your hair natural?” I thought I’d show you some random things about my hair and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find this post interesting (or even useful if you have a hair type similar to mine).

IMG_20140322_124557 (1)

If there was one thing I’d want on a desert island (apart from a plane, a pilot, some food and drink, a mobile phone – you get the jist) I’d definitely choose this amazing product. I’ve been using it for at least 3 years (probably more like 5 or 6) and I absolutely love it. I get through one of these every month or so and when I say I use this product daily, I’m really not joking. For £1.50 or so I see no reason why every curly haired girl shouldn’t go out and try this product for themselves!


Here’s a product I use on a weekly basis. It’s a newer one for me and I’ve only been using it for about a month or two but I also love it. Although it’s not ‘essential’ I do think that this product makes my hair super soft and less frizzy (which is always a good thing). As you can see I’ve only got the sample product at the moment – it’s £11 which I feel is kind of, slighty, just a tad expensive! Haha. If you want to know more about my opinion on this product then check out my review here –


An even newer product for me is this split ends treatment. SPLIT ENDS ARE THE PAINS OF LIFE. So having a product which helps this ‘pain’ is absolutely amazing. I put this into the ends of my hair each morning and I’ve definitely noticed the difference in the dryness of the ends of my hair. It’s really fab and makes your hair feel lovely and moisturised. I can’t remember the expense of this product but I’m sure it’s pretty reasonably priced and I’d also recommend you check out the rest of the range as it all smells amazing!

I don’t really have much of an opinion on this product. It’s cheap and does the job of fixing my hair slightly in place, and for that I love it.


Again, I really don’t have much of a preference. To me, a hairspray is a hairspray and as long as it holds my hair in place, I’m cool with it.

Curly hair is absolutely crazy and it’s definitely a ‘trial and error’ type of situation. If your have any haircare products you’d like me to test out I’d love recommendations! I’m always up for an experiment or two!


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